Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 June 2023 15 July 2023

Notification of Acceptance: 15 July 2023 31 July 2023

Final Paper (2-6 pages) Submission Deadline: 15 September 2023

Two 2023 IEEE CAMA Ulrich L. Rohde Awards for the Best Innovative Papers

 2023 CAMA Industrial Engineering Paper Award

2023 IEEE AP-S Tapan K. Sarkar Best CAMA Student Paper Award

Author Instructions and Submission Guidelines

Authors of original work in the technical areas of interest are encouraged to submit a one-page abstract and, after acceptance, to upload a two to six page-final paper of their work by 15 September 2023. All papers must be presented by one of the authors. Authors are invited to submit contributions for review and consideration for presentation in the 2023 IEEE CAMA topics of interest.

Papers will be included for presentation in either regular or special sessions.

Regular Sessions

At the time of submission, authors of regular sessions will be asked to identify one to three topics from the topic list. The identification of more than one topic will help ensuring that your paper, if accepted, is assigned to the most appropriate session for presentation.

Special Sessions

Abstracts and papers for the special sessions must comply with all submission requirements and instructions for authors, including the submission deadlines. Authors of papers in special sessions are required to make sure they select the appropriate name of the special session during the submission process.

Final Paper Submission Instructions

The submission of the Final Paper is mandatory for all authors of accepted papers. If the Final Manuscript is not uploaded before 15 September 2023, the paper will be withdrawn.

1. Prepare a 2 to 6 page Final Paper following the standard IEEE two-column format. The template can be downloaded below (LaTex/Overleaf templates can be found here, but make sure to select A4 format):

Inside the template, please note that the text “XXX-X-XXXX-XXXX-X/XX/$XX.00 ©20XX IEEE” should be deleted from the first page footer.

2. Login to your IEEE PDF eXpressTM account by using the Conference ID 57522X at the following link:

4. After inserting your personal information, please click on “Dashboard” and “CREATE NEW TITLE” button to check your file. After successful checking, please save the PDF file generated by IEEE PDF eXpressTM and upload it to the EDAS website.

5. Login to the EDAS paper submission system through the following link:

6. Click on the “My Papers” tab, select the paper title and click on the small cloud with an arrow under the words “Final manuscript” to start the upload procedure.

7. Fill and sign the Electronic Copyright Form (eCF). This form is required also for Authors who decided to avoid the publication on IEEE Xplore®.

8. Upload the PDF file of your Final Manuscript generated by IEEE PDF eXpressTM.